NeXtime Super Station office round large clock, grote 55cm analoge buiten stationsklok, óriás elegáns analóg halk falióra

NeXtime Super Station large white wall clock


The NeXtime Super Station was designed in a fashion of a Dutch stations clock. It is a large wall clock with its 55 cm diameter. This 55 cm round wall clock has multiple usability because it can be used as a wall clock for instance in an office public area where people used to wait. This round wall clock has a proportional size and its elegant appearance is great show as decoration of living room walls. It shows best on larger surfaces.

It is a big white clock that has black stripes and black hour indicator. It is a famous clock for people that are enthusiastic about clocks and manufacturing of these precious time measuring items. The NeXtime Super Station Stripe large wall clock is one of the biggest item of the NeXtime Station Clocks Series and has very silent operation noise because the red second hand rotates gradually with a very low noise.

The Super Station has a brushed stainless steel case which makes it not only look strong but protect the clock parts sufficiently. The case and the white dial has an effective designing attribution and the weight of the item is still not heavy (2,8 kg). The hour indicator and the red second hand combined with the stripe marking gives an elegant and solid exterior for the Super Station. It has another version with a dial which has Arabic number indication of time.

The NeXtime Clocks offers high-quality and affordable design products with a 50 years of experience in clock manufacturing. The Super Station is not only one of the biggest item manufactured by NeXtime but it is a remarkable product of NeXtime Station Clocks Series. NeXtime Station Clocks are easy and comfortable to view that is why they are extremely great for public areas like office waiting places or business premises.

The Super Station is the perfect choice for silent and calm time measuring. It is uniquely durable. The thickness of the case is about 8 cm and the combination of stainless steel and aluminium safely protects the valuable structure thus garanteeing up to decades of operation. The silent operation and the nice design can offer a perfect solution for any big wall surfaces.

The product has both RoHS Compliant and CE Certified classifications and that makes the NeXtime Super Station a safe and high-quality time measuring item. The product needs one D battery to operate that is not included in the package. The gross weight of the package is 4,10 kg. This product has one year warranty that can be extended upon request for extra charge. Please contact us to get more information.

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