KN95 reusable FFP2 face mask 5 pcs

KN95 reusable FFP2 face mask 5 pcs


The KN95 GB2626 2006 type respiratory protection ffp2 mask provides four layers of protection against foreign substances entering the body through the airways, e.g. against dust or various contaminants. It provides effective support against the risk of COVID-19 infection when using public transport. This white ffp2 mask has an adjustable nose brace but no air additional air filter cap. The product is CE certified and authenticated multi-layered protection is provided by a special aluminium layer. Thanks to the design of the KN95 face mask, if completely covers the surface of the nose and mouth. The gross value of the product is an affordable mouth mask price. The product filters 95% of the inhaled air. Personal experience: In addition to the bands on both sides of the mask’s surface, the front elongated part makes breathing easier.


The N95/KN95 type masks provide more effective protection than most dust masks or medical masks, thanks to filtering facepiece respirator technology. Unlike traditional face masks, respirator filtering technology filters out harmful substances at the molecular level. The GB2626 2006 KN95 face mask can be used several times. In my personal experience, it can be used for 3-4 days without any problem as long as the user is asymptomatic on their own. Proper use in itself promotes re-use. After use, the product should be kept in an airtight package. This offer is also excellent in this respect, as you can now buy five face masks in a hermetically sealed package, which allows you to easily close the face masks at any time. After use, it is advisable to spray disinfect the outside of the mask to ensure complete sterility. Due to the base material of the protective mask, it is easy to fold and results in high flexibility, so it adapts easily to any face shape and results in full coverage. The wearing of it is comfortable and in my personal experiences, the N95/KN95 face mask allows a comfortable wearing and provide easy breathing while traveling on public transportation. Its base material is also drip-proof, thus preventing any moisture from penetrating its surface. The face mask can be attached to the nose by the buckle, thus preventing unpleasant movement and stably adhering the face mask to the user’s face line.


The elastic rubber ear hanger easily attach the KN95 to the ears, allowing for comfortable wear. The rubbers can be loaded well unlike many similar face masks and the fastening rubber bands do not tear. The lack of valve specifically improves the value of KN95, as it is the valves that reduce protection and the mentioned design and air bands provide effective protection and an adequate amount of air for the user. The offer provides a 14-day right of return, which however is only valid for unopened packages for reasons of cleanliness and hygiene.

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