NeXtime 3D round blue modern design wall clock

NeXtime 3D round blue modern design wall clock


The NeXtime 3D blue round design wall clock shows the exact time with a unique graphic solution. The 3D is a well-tailored big blue wall clock designed in a style that creates a three-dimensional graphic effect. White Arabic numerals mark the time on the clock dials with a blue background. Thanks to the size and appearance of the white numbers, the 3D effect of this design clock perfectly enhances the atmosphere of the rooms. The 3D is a NeXtime wall clock which unique design makes it ideal for long-term creation of a modern, unique design room milieu. The NeXtime Clocks has 50 years of experience in making clocks and the 3D blue wall clock will throw up the atmosphere of the room you put it on. This beautiful clock is a great choice for either office or home use, as its quiet operation and unique look provide the desired effect.

The NeXtime 3D is an unique round wall clock that is good to look at. Its circular diameter is 39 cm, which is an ideal size for a living room wall clock. A white, unique 3D look on a blue background that will make your living room wall interesting and fun. The 3D analogue wall clock can be boldly classified as a beautiful wall clock because of its attributes. It is able to attract the viewer’s attention for a longer moment. The current moment is easy to read, its unique appearance highlights the selected wall section. The 3D effect provides a futuristic experience, it always looks a little different depending on the direction people look at it.

The NeXtime 3D blue round design wall clock is the best choice if you want to give your living room or room wall a unique, eye-catching design element. No matter which room the desired wall is in: be it an office, a living room, a bedroom or a bathroom, its fashionable appearance is a guarantee of harmony. Feel free to choose the NeXtime 3D blue design clock if you want to give your chosen room a modern, advanced and relaxed look. The dimensions of NeXtime 3D follow reasonableness: its 39 cm diameter gives a proportionate look and its blue colour and special graphic illustration give a nice design. The 3D is light and weighs no 1 kg. The NeXtime 3D is a great modern  blue wall clock that is one of the NeXtime Essentials Series. The Essentials includes a number of unique and affordable interior design accessories.

The product is both RoHS compliant and CE certified, ensuring accurate, long-lasting and high quality time measuring. The NeXtime 3D Blue is a good choice if you are after a modern stylist design wall clock. The product can be purchased with a one-year warranty, which can be extended upon request at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information. The 3D works with AA battery that is not included in the products package. The NeXtime 3D is a tool and a design element that can elevate the mood and appearance of almost any room. Choose the 3D atmosphere of NeXtime if you want to renew the sphere of your home or office.

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