Privacy & Cookie Policy

L@JA-ECOM-NL website takes seriously the security of user’s personal information and protects it as highly as possible. Generally L@JA-ECOM-NL website only processes user data insofar as it is necessary to maintain the website functioning and use of the web shop. All data processing regularly takes place with the consent of user. The only exception that applies for cases that cannot have a prior consent and thus cannot be obtained for a valid reason and the processing of the data is permitted by law.


1. Responsible bodies for data processing

Responsible body:

Lajaecom sole proprietorship

Parallelweg 40, 1541BB, Koog aan de Zaan, the Netherlands

Phone: +31 682 84 36 64



Data Protection Officer:

Lajos Hajnal, owner of Lajaecom and L@JA-ECOM-NL.

Phone: +31 682 84 36 64




2. Data processing and legal bases

All Contact forms on L@JA-ECOM-NL website as well any other personal data processing via the web shop is with the prior permission of the user that becomes lawful with submitting personal data. Any use and storage of the user personal data is done in accordance with the legislations of the European Union. To find out more about it please click here.


3. Cookie policy

In order to provide certain services so-called cookies are used. Cookies are small text files that are temporarily stored on the user's computer. The cookies may include a user ID, an encrypted password or session ID, the date of the last visit, as well as a tracking ID, and allow a higher level of usability. With the help of cookies, a registered user is also recognized in order to open access to the personal area of use. We also use cookies to track the success of advertising. Session cookies are deleted when you have finished using our online offer and log out. Cookies can be deactivated and deleted via the browser settings. The collection, storage and processing of data is carried out in accordance with Article 6 (1f) EU-GDPR. All other user personal rights to data security is regulated by the EU-GDP(R).