How to return goods purchased via Lajaecom-NL and possible partial refund of returned goods

If the Customer decides to return a product for any reason – hopefully it would not occur because we want to make our customers happy -, we would like to advise you to follow these steps to avoid any misunderstanding and extra cost or usage of non-Eco-friendly overuse of transportation. This step by step guide is the best way to avoid complication if you would return an item. This page also determines the way how Lajaecom treats any falsely returned item.

As mentioned in the “Terms & Conditions” (you can read it if you click here), we can only take back the goods returned in new and unused condition, in the original box and with all paperwork, parts and accessories to ensure full refund. New and unused means that there are no scratches, marks, or any blemish on the item; there are no signs of use on the product, the tags or the case; and the product must not have been altered in any way. Lajaecom cannot accept a return of any item with any indication that it has been used. Because we would not take back the returned goods if it is not in brand new condition and thus you might not even want to send it back then and spend your money on delivery please follow this guide to ensure your refund would be accepted and then you shall not have any further complications. This step by step guide is applicable only for returns within 30 days upon purchase. For reporting damages during shipping and to apply for insurance please contact us and use the applicable method described in the Delivery section of the "Terms & Conditions".


1. First of all if the Customer finds the delivery completely correct but the Customer would decide to return it anyway, then send it back. The Customer does not need to do anything. Unopened items in their original package without broken sealing will be fully refunded. When the Customer contacts us about returning within 30 days after delivery date, the Customer would have to indicate only that it will be an unopened article return. The shipping costs of returning the product always at the expenses of the Customer if not indicated otherwise on the individual page of the product.

2. If the Customer would return an article after several days of thinking time and the article’s package remained in its original conditions, Plus all other conditions can be applied to return the goods then it would be wise to take a picture about the item’s box where it opens then send it straight attached to the return request email of the Customer. If it looks OK then the Customer does not need to do anything and can easily return the product.

3. However in some cases the item’s box or the documentations can be damaged during uncareful openings. If this accident would occur and the Customer wants to try to return it anyway. We would kindly ask our Customer to make a video first about the quality of the content of the box before sending it back. Please attach this video to the return request email, only if it is within the 30-days thinking time after purchase date of ordered item(s). We may accept not so highly damaged packages of goods but we must charge a re-stocking surcharge in this case. The re-stocking surcharge is between 8-35% of original gross price and would be decided during the investigation of requested returned goods.

4. Our customers happiness is highly important for us but as stated above if the products or any accessories, technical documents would be missing or damaged without any notification and previous agreement like the product or any other condition indicated in the Customer’s return request email is not correct, we must consider the return as a false return. If it would occur we will not take the product back into our stock and we shall charge all costs that would appear during the return procedure. We keep the right to check any return physically and then decide if it is in its original (brand new) conditions.

5. If the Customer sends the products back as a requested return article in time, we would like to kindly advise our Customer’s to use the standard delivery insurance for returning items to avoid damages that might occur during shipping. We always send the items with insurance also.