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nextime clocks

Time is every moment we live..

The NeXtime Clocks is manufactured since 1970 and NeXtime has already established herself as a major global manufacturer with the half century experience in clock designing. The mission of NeXtime Clocks is that to participate in the life of people by manufacturing outstanding clocks that enrich their lifestyle and make them smile when people look at them. Her creative team has designed various precious types of clocks.

One of her series is named NeXtime Essentials and this category includes almost 200 different types from living room wall clock to special decorative glass office clock. No matter which premises you look a clock for, you can find a suitable design.

"A wall clock wall clock…" - if you hesitate like that... Choose whether the NeXtime Magic Arabic silver design clock, the Small Test Page home office desk clock or the Boy round glass wall clock, you would be satisfied by the high quality and unique design that will empower your home's interior. If you are interested about clocks and other special affordable offers, you can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here.              

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Transcend UHS-I 32 GB micro SD HC compact flash memory card




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NeXtime Classy Round 30 cm glass decor wall clock
NeXtime Magic 35 cm round  silver design clock
NeXtime Testpage 30 cm home office design clock
NeXtime BOOM, the special glass design square wall clock
NeXtime Spinning Time 43 cm glass design clock
NeXtime Super Station large white stripe wall stations clock
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NeXtime BOOM, the special glass design square wall clock

The NeXtime BOOM special glass design square living room wall clock is a unique stylist glass design wall clock that creates a memorable home décor appearance.

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